How to become an EIR

There are many great mysteries in life. One of them is how to become an Entrepreneur in Residence.

I was fascinated by this job for many reasons. It seemed really really easy. The people I met who have these roles have very few qualifications in my opinion.

One of my friend started a company for a few months and landed a role like this.

It’s so simple and clear to me now. I finally figured it all out though.

The best way is to have a successful exit for your company and then simply ask your investors for a referral or be an EIR at their firm.

The second best way is to have an “okay” exit like I did. We basically just gave the investors their money back. At least they could trust us with their money again.

I met up with one of our angel investors a bit after we were acquired in Shanghai and asked him for intros to firms in Asia where I could help out as an entrepreneur.

It’s that simple.

If you don’t have an exit at all or blow all the money, maybe don’t ask.

I was given two interviews and one offer which I sadly could not end up taking. I had to relocate due to living in China during Covid-19.