Merely Existing

People still underestimate why perseverance is so important.

Look at the top people in every industry and compare them to their peers when they started. Many interviews will mention remember someone much better than them who quit too soon and they never heard from them again.

Here is what happen the longer you exist.

Your resume starts to sound crazy. If you want to put on Shakespeare reenactments completely with Legos or do a long reviews of fast food meals in a suit everyone you know would look at you like you’re crazy.

But lets say you kept trying that no matter what. 5 years later, everyone you are now the fast food review guy. It didn’t matter if you made no money or had no success. Just don’t go around shouting that.

Reviewbrah did just that and is now the foremost fast food expert. Anyone even attemping to compete with him now has 5+ years of no money to look forward to. He has over 2 million subscribers.

There’s more benefits. Google puts your domain pagerank higher because you have been around.

Customers implicitly trust you because you’ve been around 3 years. They don’t have to know you’ve only had one customer this entire time. 1 customer over a 3 year period can be just as valuable as 10 customers over a 3 month period.

Most of life is waiting around.

At least for me, I find good things happen really really slowly.

When it comes to love work and creativity, I find most of the time I’m not doing anything at all. If I look back, only a few things actually seem to work out. I can’t even recall what I spent most of my effort on.

If I actually broke down the total amount of time it took a company to acquire mine, Or the amount of time you actually spend with a girl before deciding if you want to marry them. It is far far less than you would think. Most time is spent inbetween events just waiting around.

Everyone takes their sweet time.