Slow Debates

Why do we have to decide really important things in an extremely limited time?

I understand needing sound bites. But they don’t have to be based on what a person can memorize in a single day.

Let’s take political debates.

Why can’t they use facts and slowly go back and forth and we get the best ideas supported by reality?

Is a 2 hour debate helping everyone really decide what is best? Why is that better than careful responses where multiple fact checkers can jump in?

There are a lot of common sense ideas that the majority of people want that would be impossible to argue against.

Ranked Choice Voting. Taxes that are automatically filed. Single payer health insurance. Gerrymandering laws.

And then there are things everyone wants but no one can agree on what to trade off.

Lower rent. Waste disposal. Dealing with the homeless.

I have no idea how to solve any of these things, but it certainly won’t be decided in one night.