The 5 Ideal I’s of a relationship

There are 5 I’s to look out for to check if you find you really like someone. Each person has their own idea of what this may mean.


  1. You like hanging out with them
  2. You don’t get bored talking to them (even when far apart)
  3. They’ll send you an article – you’ll read it


  1. Their style of kissing matches yours.
  2. They have the same sex drive frequency as you
  3. They like the same intimacy. Sleep cuddles, making out for hours, etc.

“Eye” catching

  1. Really pretty and cute and sex (Whatever attributes that may be tall, thin, etc)
  2. For some that could mean working out regularly


  1. Intellectually curious, tries new things
  2. Can teach you new things
  3. Funny
  4. Ambitious / talented / passionate in something


  1. Doesn’t stress you out, in fact makes you feel good
  2. Doesn’t play games, is clear communicator
  3. Respects you and your feelings
  4. Trustworthy, on your side
  5. Listens to you, if you send an article – they read it

There can be lots of other things that are nice like similar hobbies but those may be more negotiable. Similar values is important of course but that you can’t have most of this without that.