Write the damn Email

Whenever I think up a good idea just try to contact person. No matter how famous or rich or busy they might be.

Especially when it comes to tech executives, they are really good at staying on top of communication or forwarding it to someone who can help.

At one point I had this app where you could book day passes at gyms. I emailed the CEO of Airbnb saying it could help them compete with gyms and he agreed! It helped Bryan Chesky is a powerlifter as well.

Similarly, I had breakfast with serial entrepreneur and the creator of OpenCV.

The trick to any of these guys is writing very very brief emails that are straight to the point of what you can offer and want.

Busy people like this hate when its “just to chat.” Maybe you can get away with that if you have a very popular podcast.

In the worst case, remember to repeatedly followup (ideally with new information and ideas that can help them) and go after their second in command and down the chain until someone is listening and responding to you.