No company can make profits forever. When their core business starts to peak, they start to shave off costs bit by bit.

If they chose a business model that is inline with their customers, they will be forced to innovate. If not, they will just continue to cut corners until you look back and realize you don’t like their service anymore and all these new guys with way less employees can provide a far better service.

Not that anyone watches TV anymore, but no wonder. I and others started noticing TBS started speeding up shows just to allow more ads.

Has Chipotle been slowly shrinking the amount of meat they put into their burritos?

Cereal boxes and candy and soda are all getting shaved too

Your company should also try to predict what trends will continue to help your business. Cameras and computing costs will go down for the foreseeable future. Climate change, meat, plastic, and oil will go up. If you are in the business of making plastic bags, perhaps you can shift to paper and other material of bags easily. If you are in the business of providing plastic to other companies, I would start worrying now.

As a side note, the strongest trends seem to reverse the fastest too. If you were into plastics in the 70s, your company likely had tons of opportunities.