The odds you will eat

How did you manage to find the time, money, and effort to eat today? It didn’t matter what stress was in your life. It didn’t matter whether your friends or family were encouraging you to eat. You managed to get it done.

You were able to do it consistently, multiple times a day without fail all year.

Every year I have a list of resolutions I want to complete. The hardest part should be deciding what I want and how to achieve it. There were many times I spent an hour googling restaurants near me, comparing the photos and reviews, and deliberating. Once I was decided, the rest is just enjoying the meal.

Many people like to brush off goals if they seem too lofty. If you look about something you want and someone who acheived it, maybe you will think “That was just luck.”

What are the odds of becoming a black belt?
What are the odds of getting a six pack?
What are the odds of learning Chinese?
What are the odds of being successful?
What are the odds you can do something today that pushes you closer toward your dream?

Most days I wake up and think about just skipping for the day. It’s only one day right? Maybe I’m too busy.

But I never manage to skip a meal. Even people who say they procrastinate too much manage to eat.

They never end up saying

“Eh, not today”

Maybe you do get luck and a neighbor surprises you with food. Or a friend treats you to a meal.

But you’ll realize that luck or not, you are gonig to make it happen. Odds don’t play into it.
You have to put in the work daily for years. But you get to enjoy that meal.

The real challenge is knowing what it is you want. Sometihng you will be interested in doing for 10+ years.