Why I don’t show my Friends my work

If you are going to be working for a long time, it could potentially change a lot. It will likely be reworked, destroyed, rebuilt, and tweaked over a long period of time.

I want honest feedback.

You only get to show your work for the first time once. Every time after that they will remember what you showed them before.

With all great things, especially creative endeavors. It is layered. The same joke with 10 different punchlines isn’t going to be funny to the same person if they heard them all.

I always start by getting feedback from strangers and potentially acquaintances I may only see once or twice.
I respect my friends feedback a lot, but I want it at the most crucial time. I generally won’t even tell them what it is before this point. When I realize what it is I am doing exactly and have given it what I considered a solid show, only then do I let them see it.